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Mike Bennetts, CEO Z Energy – Up-close-and-personal with NZ’s leading visionary CEOs

While asking other CEOs who they most admire and would like to hear more about or learn from they often mention Mike Bennetts, CEO Z.

It’s not often you get the privilege to hear from someone who is confident enough to be completely vulnerable. We’ve made a few videos for Z over the years and Mike is humble, differential, he giggles and listens to his people and it’s clear his approach works because his people love him and he’s achieving amazing results. People are looking for leaders that are authentic, that live by their values and take the time to encourage others to be their best selves.  If you’re wondering about the power of listening to your people then please watch this amazingly candid and interesting interview with Mike. It was a true pleasure to learn more about who he is as man and I hope you get as much from this interview as I did.