Up-close-and-personal with NZ's leading, visionary CEOs

These interviews are our way of giving back. Made for free, they showcase NZ’s best CEOs talking candidly, from the heart about leading, creating vision and their highs and lows.

We believe in inspiring NZ’s future leaders, to lead with Vision and Passion and to look after all their people, not just their shareholders. If you want to learn from the best and see how business can benefit everyone, tune in to this series.

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Greg Smith, CEO Icebreaker

Greg believes in listening to his people, but not only listening to them. He believes in really paying attention to what they have to say and then following through on what’s discussed. To find out more, watch the video…

Clive Ormerod, CEO Les Mills

Clive believes that business is about making good decisions. It’s about having a clear game plan and making sure that you’re communicating that game plan to your people in a way that they can ultimately find meaningful.

Chris Quin, CEO Foodstuffs

All the lessons learned in leading a Co-Opp of 22,000 people. Vulnerability, quick decision making, learning from mistakes…

Jason Paris, CEO, Vodafone

Jason grew up with a solo mum who worked in the freezing works in Southland. She taught him resilience, love and leadership.

Vic Crone CEO Callaghan Innovation

For Vic Crone, winning on the world stage is about putting one’s people first. Not telling their people what to do but encouraging, listening, and allowing them to be different…

Nick Astwick, CEO Southern Cross Health Society

How do you get your people on board with your vision? You have to have hundreds of conversations. You have to demonstrate through your actions that you mean what you…

Mike Bennetts, CEO Z Energy

Is listening to your people the most important trait of a great leader? Mike demonstrates time and again that it’s his people that are the most important asset and that…

Marc England, CEO Genesis Energy

Great leaders have a clear vision for the future. For Marc it’s about changing the way that consumers engage with energy. How do you do that? How do you make…

Chris Kennedy, CEO Harcourts

What does it mean when your customer bakes cookies for you? For Chris, this is the ultimate symbol of a job well done. This is when you know that what…

Kevin Bowler, CEO My Food Bag

How important is it to feel deeply connected to what you are trying to do? Kevin recognises that the new generation are more attracted to businesses with more purpose. After…


Glen Sowry, CEO MetLifecare

What is the secret to success? Glen believes that success comes when you merge talent with ambition and a willingness to take risks. His vision is to create retirement villages…

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