Our videos combine the techniques of documentary filmmaking with reality TV to create fast-paced, ‘beautifully human’ stories that connect and engage with your audience, inspiring them to act.

To spark your imagination here’s a small sample of our marketing videos for you to watch.


The Trusts wanted to show where the money from the Million Dollar Mission gets spent to show how many amazing things they do for the community. This was one of the videos.


SCHS wanted to attract more people that fit with their culture and so we told 4 personal stories that were all very different. This is one of them.


This is another video made for The Trusts to show how the money from the Million Dollar Mission gets spent. This video was about Ruakatauri, a music therapy group that helps kids. In this case a young autistic boy.


BNZ wanted to show how much they cared about their relationship with Plunket and so we told the story of 3 different employees who each had a direct experience with Plunket. This is the long version there were shorter versions cut.


St Cuth’s wanted to show what sets their school apart from the other private schools. The Kahanui experience is one of their key differentiators.


Sistema wanted to create a video that would show the potential of their organisation. This was one of a series of videos we made that helped them sell the company for $660 million.

Many of our ‘internal communication’ videos are confidential but if you want to see an example, please get in touch, so that we can ask permission for you to view some relevant examples. In the meantime, these are the 6 keys we’ve developed to create massive, ongoing change within your organisation. For more of a deep dive into these 6 keys and how you can use them please download our FREE guide here.

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