How to unleash the power of a smile during a b2b cold call

Smiles Boost Sales

Smiles boost sales and smiles increase the likelihood of getting the appointment. But what if you don’t like to smile because you feel it’s inauthentic, you don’t feel like it, or you’re nervous?

A few years ago there was an advertising campaign based on the infectiousness of smiles. We see a stranger walking down the street smiling, and we can’t help but smile ourselves. If you’ve ever had to cold call a prospect – even one warmed up with an email – you’ll know they’re hardly likely to be smiling when they take your call. Putting a smile on your prospect’s face, though, takes your chances of securing that appointment from about 20% to 85%.

Smiles are effective because;

1. They’re universal across all cultures. Everybody smiles, and in the diversity of New Zealand, that’s important and

2. smiles trigger a hormonal, physiological effect that breaks down barriers.

Dr Adrian Furnham writes in Psychology Today, “Thus in sales, hospitality and negotiation situations the person who first smiles increases the possibility of the other person(s) smiling which increased trust and liking and therefore “co-operation” and helpfulness. Smiling helps bond people together.

“There is also physiological evidence that smiling has specific biological consequence. This is even truer of laughter and is evidence of a feedback loop. Smiling has hormonal and physiological consequences which make us feel better and want to smile more. Smiling self-medicates and heals,” he says.

Auckland-based sales trainer Bill James says, “One of the best ways to introduce a smile into your sales contact is to be human and honest about your intentions… use lines like ‘I’m unashamedly waving my flag in your direction today’.”

Finally, smile when you make contact with a prospect over the phone – even if you don’t feel like it, try it because it is surprisingly effective. Smiles, like yawns, are massively infectious – even fake ones. What response from a prospect do you prefer? A yawn or a smile?

For another smart way to introduce a smile and humour into getting that first appointment using a low-cost video technique, read our free eGuide “Never cold call again: How to get that 1st b2b appointment using video” here.


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