The Number One Secret To Overcoming Objections

It’s so frustrating when you hear your clients say, ‘I don’t have the budget.’ ‘I don’t have the time.’ Or, ‘I just have too much on my plate right now.’

I know because I’ve been there.

You know exactly what challenges they’re facing. You can see all the work that they’re putting in. And you know you have the answer that will solve their problems.

But they just keep coming up with excuses.

People that are trying to sell an idea, product or service, more often than not focus on selling the desired outcome. In doing so, they actually lose their audience’s attention.


We like to think we spend our time dreaming about how we want our life to look and that if someone presented us with the exact plan to achieve it, we’d jump at the chance.

The truth is that we’re often more focused on the voice of our inner critic that has a rolling replay of our deepest insecurities to jump at the opportunity.

While the road to achieving the life of our dreams might be lying directly in front of us – our inner voice prevents us from seeing it because it's saying, ‘you’re not good enough.’ ‘You don’t have what it takes.’ Or, ‘you’ve got too much on your plate right now.’

And it's no different for your audience.

If you really want to help them overcome their objections, so that you can help them move forwards in their life, then you need to address their inner critic.

The fastest and easiest way to do that is to ask your favourite customers or the person with the most direct experience of your idea, product or service to share how they overcame the exact same fears and insecurities.

More than that – you want them to share what they would have missed out on had they not taken that step because this is a  more powerful motivator than selling the desired outcome.  

When your favourite customer shows real, tangible proof that they experienced the same fears and insecurities as your audience, that they too risked losing out on what they wanted but instead chose to take action and move forwards to achieve amazing results then you have the power to inspire your audience to act.

Now I know that this sounds manipulative and in one sense it is.

But you have an idea, product or service that’s actually going to benefit them. Something that will make their life better. Who doesn't like the idea of someone coming into our life and giving us that little nudge that we need that will inspire us to eat more healthily, do more exercise and step up in their careers, so that we can earn more money and have more time and freedom to live our life the way we want?

If you want it, then so do they? 🙂

So, the most important thing you can do for them and you is to create video stories of your favourite customers sharing what fears held them back, what they would potentially lose out on had they not taken the next step and the positive impact that this has had on their life. 

This is the number one secret to helping your customers overcome their objections and getting them on the path to achieving their desired outcome.