Connecting with customers begins with believing in yourself.

Companies that engage with their employees and customers experience a 240% boost in performance and those that don’t risk surviving on a price relationship alone. (Gallup).

Two thirds of our decision making process is made from the heart. (Gallup) So, to create engagement you have to connect with people from the heart and here lies the paradox. We currently teach people to connect by coaching them to think rationally but it’s not the rational part of the brain that governs connection. It’s the emotional control centres. And these require that you believe in yourself and what you’re saying. Not an easy task.

To achieve this you have to be able to step outside of yourself and objectively view your strengths as seen by others. When you feel that intangible connection you catch a glimmer of what you’re capable of. Then you start to believe in what you have to offer.

When we make videos for our clients that shine a light on those strengths and reveal the magic that lies within their people and their organisation they get to see with some degree of objectivity how they are seen and celebrated by others. This imbues them with a sense of confidence. They let go of their negative thought patterns and focus their attention on the people in front of them. This is when they actually start communicating and connecting with their colleagues or customers and create engagement.


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