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CEO series delves into the ‘new organic’ of leadership

A locally made online video series, Up-close-and-personal with NZ’s leading, visionary CEOs by Auckland Inspiration and Communications Agency, Real-TV, is discovering…

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How does your CEO handle failure?

Everybody experiences failure, but a common theme among Kiwi CEOs is that it is easier to keep these risks in perspective when they have a solid ‘why’…

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Voxy – CEO series delves into the ‘new organic’ of leadership

It’s not unusual for some of New Zealand’s CEOs to find themselves in the media for all the wrong reasons – criticised for their high salaries and scrutinised over performance…

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Film Producers Teach Sales People How to Tell Phone Stories

Award Winning Film Producers Teach Corporate Sales People How to Create Video Stories on Their Phones.

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Editor’s view: There is a crack in everything

Ambition is not an uncommon topic in business media, but nobody seems to tell young people about the anxiety that lives alongside it.

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Purpose driven companies more likely to retain top talent

If you find it a challenge to retain good quality people, and you put it down to the fact that you cannot afford to pay them what they’re worth, or opportunities for advancement are limited, you may be barking up the wrong tree.

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Take the bullshit out of jobs and give people meaning

New Zealand has some amazing employee engagement initiatives, including flexible working hours, yoga at lunch break – even a four-day work week on full pay, but none of these can compensate for a meaningless job.

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How to make more sales using iPhone videos

Regardless of your frontline position, whether you sell auto spares, fertiliser, insurance or real estate, it pays to use video that is local, personal and authentic to engage your customers, networks and prospects…

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Shooting real innovation: Innovation Council partners with Real TV

TV documentary makers Kim Goodhart and Reuben Pillsbury were dismayed by what they called “plastic flower corporate videos” – phoney-sounding exhortations to customers or employees.

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Storytelling in the Digital (video) Age

How to engage people and change companies from within.

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Success: Corporate videos keeping it real

Kim Goodhart and Reuben Pillsbury are tearing up the script in favour of a more ad lib approach to corporate videos.

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"You walk into our stores now and you can feel it. It’s different. People know why they are there. They’ve got a sense of duty. It’s not just because they are going to get paid. It’s actually I’m a customer myself and when I shop this is what I expect so that’s what I’m going to give to my customers."

Kirsten Riechelmann
Change Manager, Omni Channel, Mitre 10

"The first time that I saw the, 'Inside Mainfreight' video, was one of the most satisfying moments of my career because there were 2 different team members who were sharing the reasons why they worked at Mainfreight and they were using words that I’d never use in a million years but they were appropriate words that told their story."

Martin Devereaux
Group Manager, Team Development, Mainfreight

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